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The Raven Knight
Once Upon a Time,
There was a small kingdom, ruled by a king and queen. The lands were deep in the forrest and so had no subjects. Still, the king was a tyrant. His word was law. The Queen suffered under his rule and bore him a son. The young prince suffered her violent temper. Were it not for the old crone to care for the boy, he would have been alone. The Queen though unwilling to spare affection for the boy, still resented the old crone for it all the same. And so she had the crone locked in the dungeon, left to waste away.
One day, the king passed away, leaving the queen as new ruler of the land. Now in charge, the queen proved herself no better. Her lands were not enough for her and wanted more and more and more. She had but one asset to spend, her son.
The queen went to the crone, a practitioner of arcane arts from days gone by and insisted upon her aid. The queen threatened the crone with her very life, giving her no choice but to comply. And so, under the queens orders, the cro
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The Raven and the Teapot
Once upon a time, there was a raven flying over a field.
Thinking to herself, "there might be some tasty foodstuffs there!"
Setting down, the raven began to forage.
Poking and prodding among the grass, the raven found a morsel here or there.
But then, a shiny glint caught her eye.
"What could that wonderful thing be?"
Fluttering over, the raven found an old and rusted tea pot sitting there.
It was worn and aged, but still there was a small spot that shone in the sun.
Why was this old pot here? What was this fascinating spot? Where there more shineys to be found?
The raven was most curious, she circled the pot, pondering and wondering.
Searching it over thrice, the raven kept coming back to the spot.
Unable to resist any longer, the raven poked the spot with her beak.
"Ting! Ting ting!"
"Stop that!" The pot said.
The raven fluttered back in surprise, "It talks!"
The surprise gone, the raven cheerfully said "Hello!"
The pot did not reply.
"Hello?" Asked the raven again.
Still the tea pot
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Mature content
The Thing: The Series - Episode 4: Ring of Truth :iconmddbmpf:MDDBMPF 0 0


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State of the Union with ATM Ad
I originally wanted to debut the ATM character (or at least a version of him) in the format of a Late Night Talk Show, but with the state of politics in America, I decided I'd rather use the character to make a statement rather than just being silly. (But I DO intend to do the silly in the future!) So much ranting on facebook, and blogs and years of just sitting by and watching things go to shit, I figured it was time to DO something. And just another Rantin' & Raven episode didn't seem enough. I can't be a politician, but I CAN make smartass videos! Hopefully ones that make someone, somewhere think, and maybe THAT person will one day be able to fix things. So, America has it's very own Supervillain President! Woo!

Check out the series here:…
Flick Flap Ad
Just launched today, the RKI channel now adds a Movie Review series, Flick Flap! (Hopefully doing something a bit more than just being some jackass on the internet bitching about movies.)

Check it out here:…


Michael D. Ford
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
My name is Michael D. Ford and I am me.

As I am always making various art projects for both fun and profit, I figured I might as well do something with this old deviantART account of mine.

You will often see me refer to Raven's Knight Industries which is just me, but more professional. One must try to be professional when they can.

So, Howdy!

Current Residence: Tallahassee, Florida
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Post Modern
Operating System: Mac OSX
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Cobra Commander
As you can see, I'm just rolling along with The Thing episodes. I honestly don't know how many I'll do. I have enough ideas for 4 seasons of 13 episodes a piece. But who knows if I'll block them all out or if I'll grow bored of it. I just know it's fun at the moment.

I find that I enjoy writing the outlines. Mostly because it allows me to get the stuff in my head down without fretting over too many of the details. Dialogue? That is a pain in the ass to me. I can hardly imagine how long writing out scientific Jargon for Blair or Copper would take me because I would have to get it absolutely right. So, if you see something like that mentioned in a handwavy manner, that's because it is. The actual episode would be more detailed and not so. But as I'm writing it now, I just want to focus on the details that I find important.

Honestly? I could probably do it a dozen different ways. but, this is the kind of TV I would enjoy. Would it air like this? probably not due to the violence and subject matter. But dear lord, you can't do the thing WELL without getting into that kinda stuff.

I personally find that I'm looking forward to coming up with absolutely bonkers thing forms as half the fun is the nightmarish creatures. Not pink and cgi stuff from the Prequel but gorey, mangled THINGS like in the Carpenter movie. (And those of you who are more fans of the original blue, three hateful red eyes thing, don't worry, there's something coming for you too down the line)

I'm actually mostly stuck on this idea because when I looked at the four seasons, I realized there was a theme to the whole thing that was just... too enticing to ignore. Something far beyond squishy gore and paranoia. And that is something I can dig, something I can enjoy the human drama of. Something I can enjoy the weird creatures of. And something that I can cogitate on. (And analyze to no end, finding concepts the original creators never even intended!)

TV tends to have that sorta problem lately. No plan, no thematic intent, just fill an hour a week for half a year and you're good. Or not very. (I'm lookin' at you Supernatural who dicked around for two useless seasons, and Once Upon A Time that drew me in, only to shit the bed in the second season... What can I say? I'm eclectic.)

Ah, to run TV. But such is life.

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shydood3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
happy birthday
Rag-Rappy Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Yay! You were the first random deviant to not have a gallery full of anime/manga style stuff! (I random linked 6 before you) I like your sketches, do they take long?
MDDBMPF Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
Glad you enjoyed my non-Anime-ness. :P (I like Anime, but the style doesn't sit right with me in my own work.)

As to the sketches, I'd say... Two/three hours give or take? All depends on how many time I start over. (Some sheets of paper are just bad. :P )
Rag-Rappy Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Wow! 2-3 hours is great!
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lol, Howdy! You need to post stuff! :p
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